Being born in this world each one of us is swayed by pairs of opposites :

  • Fear and Faith

  • Real and Unreal

  • Duty and Non-duty

  • Success and Failure

  • Praise and Insult

  • Joy and Sorrow

  • Love and Hate and so on


True education provides enough understanding, which helps one not to get disturbed by these changes.Such perception enables one to rise above mundane things and be spiritually elevated and free A dream was born in the pristine environment of Whispering Palms, Kandivali, Mumbai was born on June 22, 1992. The profounder of the great educational dream called "Lokhandwala Foundation School" (LFS) are Mrs. & Mr. Lokhandwala. It was established by the Lokhandwala Foundation Trust, as co-educational.

The school prepares the students of Standard X for the Certificate Examination of the Indian Council of Secondary Education (ICSE) and Standard XI and XII for the Indian School Certificate (ISC), New Delhi .

English Medium School with Mrs. & Mr. Siraj T. Lokhandwala as it's Trustees. his aim was to mould young minds, nurture their budding talents and guide them on the right path for the all round development of their personality, thus enabling them to become future stalwarts of our glorious country.

The Motto
LFS has a motto of "Freedom through Education". The school aims at serving the needs of the young pupils and liberate the mind to explore new horizons of thoughts, knowledge and learning. It also aims to widen the vision and broaden the views on life.

The Vision
The vision of the school is to equip and give education of the highest principles and standards to generations of children, who would subsequently go out of the school to face the different experience of life. Thus enabling them to empathize with the under privileged, develop qualities like humility and sacrifice and to provide their selfless service for the betterment of the country.


Laying the foundation for a better tomorrow

On June 22, 1992 the Lokhandwala Foundation Trust established the co-educational English medium. Lokhandwala Foundation School. Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Lokhandwala are its trustees. The foundations vision is to equip and educate generations by imbibing in them the highest standards and principles.

Opening the doors of perception is one of the greatest gifts that an educationist has, and using this gift wisely is what teachers do best.

At Lokhandwala Foundation School, we do this by imparting quality education to the young minds designated to be the future leaders, builders and citizens of this great country. We encourage our students interests beyond academics, in arts and athletics, music and drama, community services and a host of committed activities.

And by doing all this, we boost growth, learning and well-being of our students.


Freedom through Education 

Each of us is born with potential. To realize this potential, one must go through the disciplines of scholastics, of rigorous training of one's physical and mental capacities. At the Lokhandwala Foundation School we see it as our responsibility to make every student develop his or her capabilities to the fullest. 

Everything that a student needs is made available. From inspiring the students through examples to empowering them with the freedom to choose their own paths to success, we ensure that they have the best of foundations possible to get head start on life. Education enables us to rise above the mundane, to realize one's purpose, to act on it with a confidence that disregards failures and boosts self-confidence. And thereby, become free to follow one's dreams, without compromising.


Our Chairperson, Mrs. T. S. Lokhandwala's Message 

Every vision emanates from an inspiration. We find our inspiration from the essence of Indian tradition - Sanskar. 

Every experience in a person's life sows itself as a 'sanskaar' within the person. Every 'sanskaar' is nothing but a seed that germinates in its own time, in the right soil, with the right condition. What greater joy could a gardener experience than one that comes from being able to work with the most fertile soils? Curious minds are fertile soils on which the present can plant the seeds that will shape the landscape of the future. Education is undoubtedly the most crucial parameter in shaping the future. 

Lokhandwala Foundation School is the manifestation of a long standing dream of making education an experience a 'sanskaar'. We strive to elevate the mind, body and soul of every student. Our school is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide our students with nothing but the best. Our curriculum and our outstanding team of teachers not only impart knowledge of the highest standard but also shape and build personalities. We work the hardest on inculcating a value system and building conscience-driven decision making such that in today's fast-paced materialistic society, our students have the strength to walk the path of righteousness even when faced with temptations. 

We are proud to see our students evolving into well-informed, intelligent and consciously-awakened citizens with well-rounded personalities. They have made our endeavor worth while and have inspired us to take our institution to far greater heights of excellence. We continue on this never ending journey of liberating minds from ignorance...of giving "freedom through education".



In keeping with the vision of our Chairman, the late Mr. S. T. Lokhandwala, the Lokhandwala Foundation School & Junior College firmly believes in preparing its students to boldly face the challenges that await them in life. It provides holistic education of the highest standard in an environment that fosters the pursuit of personal and academic excellence. The school has a strong academic focus combined with a wide range of co-curricular activities, which enables students to have a complete understanding of their curriculum and beyond. It follows effective teaching methods to impart knowledge in an application-oriented way. Along with academic excellence, the school imprints an indelible mark of self-confidence, moral fortitude and a constant quest to expand one's horizons on all students that pass out its portals and thereby go on to make a positive contribution to society at large.

We strongly believe that rather than encouraging excellence in a few, a school's purpose should be to bring out the very best in each individual student, in the field that he or she is most strongly inclined towards. Every child is special and every student must be nurtured to maximise his or her potential in that area. This enables Lokhandwala Foundation School & Junior College to mold confident, competent and complete students of today and citizens of tomorrow.

In keeping with our motto, 'Freedom Through Education', the institution instills a sense of freedom along with the responsibilities that it entails in the students. The school has a deep regard for community service and believes in shaping students and trains them to give back to society in various ways. We have conducted various social drives such as tree plantation initiative, visiting orphanages, collecting funds for the aged and the visually-impaired to name a few.

While we have achieved a lot, we realise that perfection is a never-ending mission and we aim to constantly strive towards it.