The Education Program: a brief outlook


Instructional structure

  • Pre-primary
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Junior College


Academic Year
Each academic year comprises of two terms. The first term extends from June to October and the second from November to April.

Limited Enrollment
Each standard has four/five sections and each class has a limited number of students that enables the teachers to give personal attention to each student.

School Timings
Monday to Friday
Pre-Primary: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Primary: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm
Secondary: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm
Jr. College: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Activity classes are held 2:40 pm onwards and are optional.

Pre-primary Section: Nursery, Kindergarten
The only eligibility criterion for admissions into Nursery is that the child must be minimum 2.5 years of age. Each class is under the charge of two teachers and one nanny to ensure each child gets the personalized attention and care.

The Nursery curriculum is a mix of formal and informal education. To stimulate physical, mental and emotional growth (and make the entire learning more fun) the children are introduced to various concepts through the use of teaching aids and activities which include games, singing, play acting and participation in cultural events like Bal Utsav and Grandparents Day.

The school provides a nutritious meal for the children of the Pre-primary section. This bring the sense of togetherness and sharing among the children.

Primary Section: A Strong Foundation (Standards I to IV)
At five and a half years the students comes to the primary level in academics. The essential thing at this stage is to give the student a firm foundation in Languages, Mathematics, Sciences and Social Sciences. The children are also made aware of the environment we live in, how to care for it and protect it.

Every student acquires new skills at this stage and is eager to apply them in a practical manner. To ensure that this habit is cultivated and nourished, the students are taught academics along with specific project work tailored to the course content.

Education without stress
Our examination system is truly a first of its kind. We basically have no exams. Since there is internal assessment and evaluations, the child can be stress free and without the burden of rote learning for exams.
At the end of the academic year competitions are organised for all the classes based on a particular theme (Reading, Handwriting, Recitation, GK, Art & Craft).

Secondary Section: Widening the Horizon (V to X)
At the Secondary Level we add depth to our teaching process and maintain what we started out with at the pre-primary level. The scope of study is of course widened and scholastics are supported by project and research work. Aiding this, there are subtle shifts in perspectives.

The big idea is to develop a self-confident, secular and a healthy outlook in life of each student. The emphasis at this level is two-fold. Since we are aware of the academic load on the children, we ensure that they pursue extra-curricular activities side-by-side.

Our well-equipped laboratories, allow the students to learn the methodology of research and experimentation. They are taught to question and not take anything at face value, to learn the experimental technique and arrive at a logical conclusion.


Junior College: Striving towards perfection ( XI & XII )
At the Junior College level we try to nourish the hidden talents of the children, know their skills, given them a sense of self-worth, confidence with elevated thoughts and moral uprightness. The institution aims at transforming the students into becoming sensitive individuals, thereby contributing positively to society.

There is a strong commitment towards excellence. With an eye to the future, a plethora of subjects have been introduced.

Apart from academics and co-curricular activities, the students are given training in life skills through regular workshop and lecture demonstrations by eminent personalities.

The Junior College offers three streams - Science, Humanities and Commerce. Having recognized the academic stream they feel inclined towards, the students are trained to expand and sharpen their knowledge in their specially chosen fields.


Academic Excellence

The Performance of the student has always been improving.

  Year      Pass Percentage      Distinction      Above 80%       Above 90%      Highest Percentage  
2000 100% 53% 37% 5% 90.33
2001 100% 95% 68% 16% 92.83
2002 100% 63% 44% 11% 95.16
2003 100% 79% 61% 15% 96.33
2004 100% 74% 66% 17% 94.33
2005 100% 82% 61% 16% 95.00
2006 100% 80% 65% 16% 94.00
2007 100% 82% 71% 20% 95.57
2008 100% 96% 79% 31% 96.57

Public Exams
From time to time students participate in various state, national and international exams that help them to compete on a broader level and instill within them a spirit of self-confidence and achievement.

In All India Maths Scholarship Exam 2007 Exam conducted in Feb/Mar 2007 where 1146 schools of Maharashtra, Gujarat & A.P.25484 Students appeared. Three Students from our school were placed among first hundred rankers.