World Class Infrastructure: the Lokhandwala trademark 

The school has a sprawling campus near Alica Nagar. Designed on international standards and keeping in mind the multi-faceted needs of the children; the school has spacious, airy classrooms with cutting-edge multimedia facilities. 

A large auditorium, modern computer labs, well equipped audio-visual room, a big playground and an infirmary are all part of this setup. There are also special sections dedicated for the fine arts, dance and music for the holistic development of the student.

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Computer Laboratory
Computer labs equipped with the latest in computing technologies are made available to all
students on an individual basis. They are used to learn specific lessons in computer applications
and for individual project work.

The Library
Offering a wide spectrum of reference books, leisure reading and educational material, the library
 is a heaven for the students. Each student is actively encouraged to read books and keep
him/herself updated.

The school has three well-equipped science labs that provide practical, hands-on approach to learning. Here the students are taught the value of the experimental method and it's utility in research and validating hypothesis.
A well equipped Biotechnology Lab which is one of its own kind in the suburb is newly added at Junior College level.

Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary subject which emerged as an application oriented branch of science and brought a revolution in the field of medicines, health, agriculture, industries and environment with the availability of various biotech products. Lokhandwala Foundation School aims at qualitative improvement in its academic curriculum and modernizing with the introduction of contemporary subjects. Hence LFS is one of the very few schools in the country which offers biotechnology as an elective subject at the Senior Secondary level under the ISC curriculum. The school has a well equipped laboratory with the required apparatus, instruments and facilities to perform the basic experiments for biotechnology. This will help to create a new breed of students who have an aptitude to develop the concepts of biotechnology and its allied subjects.

Fine Arts Section
The school has separate Fine Arts and Music rooms that are used to develop the creative talents of the children.

Health Checkups
The school holds an annual health check camp. We also chart the physical growth and health of each child. The health records of each child are provided to the parents at the end of every academic year.

Yoga Practice
The school has a special room for Yoga. Here the students are taught this discipline, which can then be further studied and explored as per their interests.

Various excursions, industrial visits and hikes are organized for students to widen their perspectives. These are done with prior parental permission only.

Open House
Parents are regularly informed about the academic progress of their children and are invited to lead a participatory role in the learning process. During Open House the parents are invited to the school to check the various projects made by the students and are made aware of the basic teaching skills used by the teachers.

Community Services
Students are encouraged to get active within the community. This enables them to get a perspective beyond life in school and home. They work with various agencies like Help Age India, National Association of Blind and pay regular visits to the Homes for the Aged. Such community programs help them develop a down-to-earth and contributing, positive attitude towards life.